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Janet Amare teaching an energy medicine class

Energy Medicine Level 1& 2

“The Energy Medicine Course has brought so much fulfillment for me. Janet has an amazing gift for teaching, her style makes it all easy to understand and the lecture sessions are always informative and well presented. Each module is designed and presented so methodically with just enough information in the handout and with hands-on practice of what we learn each time. Janet has such an awesome way of making everyone in class feel comfortable to openly participate, share and Janet so generously integrates personal healing when needed. I feel truly blessed to have a teacher like Janet.”


“I appreciated everything about the Energy Medicine class, the design of the Modules; Facilitator and Methodology. Teaching style and experience is excellent. I am always looking forward to classes as I learn so much. Janet's teaching style, knowledge facilitation skills, flexibility and passion are amazing. Thank you Janet, for what you do and for who you are”


“What I appreciate most about class is the practice, hands-on Energy Medicine, every time we practice we use the skills we have developed. I enjoy the Teleconferences in-between classes as it keeps us engaged. Janet, your relaxed, open style makes it easy to be open learn and ask questions. Janet Amare is an excellent teacher and healer, every time I am in her presence I am amazed by the profound healing and insights I experience.”


Energy Medicine Level 1 & 2  Diploma programs are now being offered online and in person. For more information and access to the program please contact:

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