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Horses Healing Humans


Horses healing humans

Horses healing humans, allows you to take a proactive approach to learning about yourself using the kind and sensitive nature of horses. A horses’ natural behavior makes them great teachers who easily reflect and draw out insights in humans. Participants can learn skills and gain insight in a light, fun, and open atmosphere. 

Evelyne uses Equine Assisted Learning to teach teenagers how to deal with life challenges, approach conflict and stress, and grow through personal awareness.

In Nature, horses live in herds and consider themselves prey to outside threats. Because of their gentle, yet clear group communication horses are perfect reflectors for people of all ages to open to see their greatest fears, hopes, and challenges with ease. Horses are natural biofeedback mechanisms due to their fine-tuned sensitivity to pure or impure intent. You have probably seen groups of horses teamed up to pull a large wagon.  Their ability to sense and work with each other towards a common goal teaches people how to let go of personal interests to work as a team.  Each horse recognizes their role in the team and shows humans a path to understanding their personal purpose and how it fits into group interaction.

Where there are fractured relationships, misunderstandings, and hurtful communication horses can show the way towards friendship, teamwork, and understanding. If you find it difficult to pull your children away from their phones, the internet, or video games offer them an afternoon with horses, in nature.  What a beautiful way to learn to connect, awaken, and trust one another than in the company of horses.

Using our experience and training in healing tools and techniques the facilitators will guide you to get the most out of each horse interaction and to heal and grow through your insights. Some family and team-building retreats offer an opportunity to be together and learn about each other.  Experiential learning with horses offers deeper insight and a greater opportunity to gather information and insight about your blind spots, communication style, and limited thinking.

Portrait of Janet and Evelyne

Who can benefit from  Horses Healing Humans?


Improve problem-solving skills. Prevent & diffuse crisis in a group situation.


Breakthrough faster with
hard-to-reach clients utilizing horses as healers.


Enhance clients’ motivation through non-verbal


High Stress
High Stress

Learn how to re-evaluate, re-think, relax and



  • One-on-one exercises directly with horses

  • Customized experiences to your needs

  • Facilitated learning with trainers & healers

  • Build relationships using holographic communication

  • Learn techniques of holographic communication between people & people as well as people & animals

  • Time & opportunity to enjoy horses you've always loved

  • Explore & discover what horses can teach you about yourself

  • No horse or riding experience necessary 

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  • Learn about yourself while in nature

  • Improve communication with others

  • Improve understanding in families

  • Bring blind spots into your awareness

  • Build inner awareness & personal power

  • Open to healing your inner wounds easily

  • Develop greater compassion

  • Get clear about your purpose

  • Uncover & heal causes of stress & anxiety 

  • Uncover creative solutions to problems

  • Learn tools to deal with relationship challenges

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