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Seminars & Services

•         Listen to three radio interviews with Janet Amare
•         Healing with Regression and Home Cleansing
•         Somatic Regression


"“I’ve had the pleasure of being a client of Janet’s for 12 years.  I can honestly say that knowing her has changed my life immensely from a life of pain & fear, to one that is enriched with joy, purpose and living life to its fullest. What I love about Janet the most is that she is so passionate about helping others; very intuitive and she communicates in a very gentle way using compassion and understanding, without any judgement. You feel safe with her! Her wisdom & experiences shed light into so many areas of my life, helping me see things from a new perspective." MG

One-On-One Consultations in Loretto

Past Life Regression 

Janet facilitates one-on-one past life and early childhood sessions. Her unique approach to regression healing allows clients to let go of past trauma and limiting decisions, and to bring back powerful imprints of gifts and talents and positive energies from multiple time frames. During the regression, you are conscious and in an altered state.

Healing and Well-Being          

Janet is a spiritual healer and uses her background as a scientist, her training as an Etheric Health Practitioner and information from your Higher Self and your Akashic record to find the original, spiritual cause of your issue, imbalance, or dis-ease.  She addresses physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing using energy medicine, craniosacral therapy, coaching and counselling, hypnosis and regression.  Sessions offered virtually and in-person.

Ancestral Healing

Many of our physical, mental, and emotional conditions are passed down through the generations. Janet can facilitate healing of our ancestral lineage through a timeline regression.

 Meditation Evening

“Bliss, Bless, Bake” A fun, entertaining, deeply moving, and nourishing evening of spiritual connection, manifesting meditations, intuitive readings, Deeksha and connection with light-minded people (yes, light-minded). Janet Amare, a trainer with the O & O Academy, will offer Blessings (Deeksha).  The blessings are a spiritual hit of Divine Grace purported to induce healing and significantly shift your brain's activity from the fright and flight center to your happy center.  Come and experience one for yourself!  We will be treated with fortune telling readings from Evelyne Bernhardt, who channels Madame Roxolanna, a Russia Gypsy Fortune Teller who will shift your perspective on what's ahead. Tea and snacks provided. Click on B,B,B

Couples Coaching

Get sensitive, practical assistance to identify core issues, resolve differences, communicate desires, and develop win-win strategies to move your relationship forward.  Click here for more detailed info: Couples Healing

Home & Office Energy Balancing 

Janet tests for the effects of electronics, hydro, underground water, geopathic energies, as well as emotional, mental, and spiritual effects. You will get a complete report of what's happening with the energy in your space and the energy will usually be balanced in one session. The transformation Janet facilitates may help improve your sleep, enhance memory, improve harmony in relationships and make your space feel better overall.

Healing Intensive 

Stay in the retreat setting of your choice: B&B, economy or luxury hotel and spend 3 or 5 days healing with grace. Healing conducted by Janet Amare in her beautiful healing space. Spend 2 ½ hours per day healing past lives and capturing power from other time frames. Visit Edwards Gardens nearby and walk the nature paths. Other spa services are available nearby to complete your experience of being cared for on all levels. An uplifting and powerful way to shift your energy higher and receive nurturing. Includes personal, one-on-one healing, beverages and snacks only. Accommodation, meals and spa services arranged and paid for separately.




Healer Coaching & Healing

As a caregiver to others, it’s important that you take time to heal yourself. Receive balancing and aligning, deepen your connection, or develop your skill in: advanced hands-on-healing, channeling, perceiving and interpreting auras, past life or childhood regression, and building your healing business.





Attend a group seminar arranged by Janet Amare or plan your own getaway with a group and hire Janet to facilitate the healing experience.




Animal Communication    


Animals communicate holographically.  They send us holograms of what they want and how they feel.  Animals receive holograms of information from us all the time.  Most people don’t even know they are sending them.  If you want to understand how to talk to your animals come see us and learn how.  We’ll talk to your dog and let them know you want to talk to them too. Inquire about our animal communication workshops  with  evelynebernhardt

Energy Medicine Diploma Program 

A 10 month, comprehensive course to teach you everything you need to know to start and run your own healing practice

Now availble online. Start any time, work at your own pace.


Call for further information or to make an appointment in Loretto 416-802-0848,

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