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Using The Power of The Subconscious Mind

Hypnosis Is A Perfect Compliment To Natural Healing Techniques

If you are currently using natural healing, through Reiki, Energy Medicine, Regression, Remedies, herbs, or other vibrational modalities consider hypnosis as a powerful tool to enhance what you are using already.  I was surprised when I began to study and use hypnosis because it is a comprehensive tool that teaches you so much about the brain and our subconscious mind.  Through hypnosis you can take people into deeper altered states for meditation, reverse the effects of childhood and past life trauma, and guide the unconscious to support positive, long and short term goals.  I have since studied and become certified to train and certify others as hypnotists.  I am also specialized in past life regression, forensic hypnosis, and pain and emergency hypnosis procedures.  To get info or register for hypnosis certification call Janet Amare at 416-750-4082.  See below for further details.

Hypnosis Certification Course
With Janet Amare


This course will give you a practical tool for working with your clients, friends, and family.  Hypnosis is an excellent technique for working with addictions, fears, pain management, setting targets, relaxation, and mind focusing.


How you will benefit:

1.    Grow your practice by getting powerful results for your clients on deep-seated issues
2.    Increase your weekly income as you help others grow
3.    Help clients deal with issues painlessly
4.    Get a complete package for setting up a practice and marketing it
5.    Save time for you and your clients by using techniques that take clients deeper safely and efficiently
6.    Get Personal Transformation in hands-on practice so you get better results as a practitioner
7.    Get powerful results working with a seasoned professional in the aspects of your business and life that cause you the greatest pain
8.    Certification & Support of the National Guild of Hypnotists For Education, Advice, and Resources

Course Includes Modules On:

.    The Conscious and Unconscious Mind
·    How To Hypnotize
·    How To Deepen The Trance State
·    Session Management
·    History of Hypnosis
·    Using Hypnosis For Powerful Goal Setting
·    Six Aids For Hypnosis
·    Case Studies For Smoking Cessation, Anaesthesia Management
·    How to Run A Self-Hypnosis Program
·    Using Age Regression
·    Ethics & Standards of Practice

Over 100 hours of instruction, reading, research, and practical application so you can run your own hypnosis practice successfully.

What You Get -
Receive your certification from the National Guild of Hypnotists, Inc., a professional organization founded in 1951 dedicated to advancing the field of hypnotism. The Guild certifies practitioners, conducts educational conferences and provides resources.

A full year of National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) membership, with an 11"X14" Certificate, membership card, Code of Ethics, Standards of Practice, NGH Publications, insurance information, NGH Video/DVD Rental Library, NGH Resource lists, and all member benefits,

Student kit, containing:
2 Manuals, Motivation for New Hypnotists CD by Dr. Richard Harte,
Mega Marketing DVD and manual by Don Mottin, Pendulum & Chart, Over 10 Hypnosis Scripts


Janet Amare, DNM, Doctor of Natural Medicine

Janet is an intuitive healer specializing in Energy Medicine, an expert in early childhood and past life regression, and a certified hypnotist and certified hypnosis instructor.   She has 36 years clinical experience in natural healing.  She is known for her ability to quickly identify and transform cellular energy to heal bodies, hearts, and minds. Her background in adult education allows her to create powerful learning experiences. Her students appreciate her talent in transferring her natural abilities in channeling, intuition, energy sensing, and healing to them. Participants complete the course with a complete toolbox of skills to facilitate hypnosis and earn an income in their own practice. She loves to help people transform and do their Soul Purpose through regression, energy medicine, hypnosis, and channeling.  She creates unique vibrational formulas to transform the energy of inherited disease states. 

WHEN:  TBA  Call 416-802-0848 or e-mail for dates.

COST:  $1450 for the course, including HST
Cost of materials: $200 per person
Special Bonus of 1 individual hypnosis session - a value of $160 per person- if you pay in advance.
This course is designed as an investment with the intention that participants will be equipped to get a direct return on their investment.

To register Call Janet Amare at 416-802-0848 or email



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