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About Soul Purpose 

Whether you want change for yourself, for your family, or for a team at work, Soul Purpose can help you to transform on the physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual levels. Soul Purpose has been helping people to make spiritual connections for over thirty-six years using their well-developed intuitive, healing, and teaching skills.  

Evelyne Berndhardt

Evelyne has an innate love of nature and connects with her love of the Earth in her creative use of crystals in her healing sessions. She assists people in re-connecting to the grounding of the Earth to allow them to manifest new ways of being, thinking, and feeling in their lives. She combines her talent in counseling and coaching with an intuitive ability to tune into the body and energy field to identify and release energy to create a greater flow of life force energy, leading to improved vitality, health, mental clarity, and emotional harmony.

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Janet Amare

Janet is a Doctor of Natural Medicine and Doctor of Pastoral Counselling, a reverend, energy medicine healer, consulting hypnotist, and college teacher.  She developed and facilitates diploma-level programs in Energy Medicine and certifies hypnotists.  She is certified by the Ontario government to perform marriage, baptism, and funeral services. Janet is the author of Soul Purpose: A Practical Guide For Creating A Life You Love.  She has taken career planning to a new level where people create the work they love with inspiration and passion.  Her book has been featured on numerous television talk shows, and on radio and newspapers across Canada and in the U.S.


Horses Healing Humans 

Horses healing humans, allows you to take a proactive approach to learning about yourself using the kind and sensitive nature of horses. A horses’ natural behavior makes them great teachers who easily reflect and draw out insights in humans. Participants can learn skills and gain insight in a light, fun, and open atmosphere. 


We are on the verge of offering specially designed courses in Regression.

Please reach out for further details.


For your convenience we are now accepting payments online, please visit our new
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