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“Teachers like Janet are very few in this world. Funny, caring, loving, intuitive, she is very knowledgeable and organized. She has the amazing ability to hold your attention when she talks. The information is put together very well and easy to understand. Her explanation of how to approach techniques she teaches is very well put together.” V.B.

“Janet is a passionate, dedicated and authentic healer. She has an incredible ability to hold a safe, non-judgmental loving space which has guided me into greater self awareness, empowerment and choice to create real profound change in my life.” LP

About Soul Purpose

“Janet is a phenomenal intuitive teacher and mentor.  She selflessly and lovingly shares her wisdom to awaken and regain your personal power, purpose and natural gifts. In essence she creates a community which inspires helping each other grow.” LP

Janet Amare is the founder and director of Soul Purpose Inc. As a spiritual teacher and leader, energy

medicine facilitator, and expert in regression and hypnosis she has loved her work for 40 years. Janet

feels so excited and fulfilled to: 

* Teach people how to manifest and attract miracles *

* Awaken seekers to spiritual principles that change their trauma into light *

* Help adults, families, and children fundamentally change at the cellular and macro levels *

* Watch people profoundly transform when they learn how to channel energy and become a healer *

* Teach high-level skills in hands-on-healing , hypnosis, regression, and natural healing that are

practical and certify students with diplomas that allow them to work as full-time healers *

Janet’s students and clients have the opportunity to become a part of a Spiritual Community that has been built over the last few decades 

to nurture and facilitate healers helping other healers.  Together they share information, resources, miracles, and challenges.  In this healing

community, everyone has a voice and everyone feels welcome and loved.  

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Janet Amare’s Journey to becoming a sought-after spiritual healer 

At the age of 5 Janet approached her mother to tell her what it is like in Heaven.  Her mother listened as Janet told her about the relatives she spoke to as well as the way that Heaven worked.  Her mother stopped her halfway through her sharing.  Years later her mother told her that she wished she had been able to stay present to hear all about it, however, it scared her, and she stopped her daughter from sharing her stories.

At the age of 15 Janet had a life-changing, inter-dimensional experience that propelled her to seek out classes in spiritual healing.  She was outside, lying on a chaise lounge and reading a book about Edgar Cayce’s predictions for the new millennium.  All of a sudden she heard a voice in her head that said, “This is what you are here for.”  At the same time as she heard the voice, she was “lifted” up to a standing position.  Now standing completely upright she felt and saw a soft light around her and felt a profound peace inside, knowing why she was here on Earth.  At the age of 17 she joined the National Federation of Spiritual Healers, in Canada, and was told that she had a gift for channeling healing energy.

Although Janet was sure of her gifts and purpose she was reluctant to base her career on energy healing.  She entered university to study marine biology and graduated with honors.  She began her biology career studying the effects of acid rain on fish in the lab of the Ministry of the Environment.   However, her true purpose kept calling to her.  One night, while studying for her exams at the University of Guelph library she pressed the button on the elevator to go to the biology floor.  When the elevator stopped she got off and began to look for books on fish behaviour.  But all she could find were books on human behavior, psychology, and religion.  She had gotten off on the wrong floor.  Or was it the right floor?

And then she noticed a title on one of the books that drew her attention - You Cannot Die, by Ian Currie, published in 1979.  She had seen a university newspaper article about him as he was a professor at Guelph.  This topic was not new to Janet as she grew up with a father who read every book about Edgar Cayce, one of the most famous and accurate prophets to ever live, and a mother who read Sybil Leek, who was a self-proclaimed witch and wrote about the mystical, occult, and psychic phenomenon.  Janet herself had written an essay in high school entitled, Death As A Part of Life, and got the top mark in class.

After reading You Cannot Die Janet vowed to meet Ian Currie.  She tracked him down near her parent's home in Scarborough, a suburb of Toronto.  Ian lived near High Park.  Janet went to see Ian every few weeks for over a year.  With his guidance, Janet went into past lives and alternate states and experienced the power of transformation.  After visiting one past life in ancient Rome where her parents (from her current life) were quarreling over money and both tumbled over a cliff to their death Janet felt a great weight lift as she finally understood her parent's constant struggle with abundance.  They would prosper and have more than enough, and then lose it and have to rebuild.  Each time they met Janet would chat with Ian about why he was doing the past life work.  “I have to repay my lifetimes where I was a dark sorcerer”, Ian told her, “So I help people to grow in this life”.

This was one of the turning points for Janet’s career.   She was inspired by her own healing and transformations and vowed to help others to grow in a similar way.  In 1984 Janet began to facilitate past life sessions for others in her spare time.  She studied energy healing, hypnosis, regression, craniosacral therapy as well as coaching and counseling to build her repertoire of transformative techniques.  In the meantime, she traveled all over the world to visit some of the greatest healers and mystics to build her faith in the possibility of healing through the power of Spirit.

Janet’s healing research took her to Cris Griscom at the Light Institute in New Mexico, Rosalyn Bruyere in California, Barbara Brennan in Boston, Sai Baba in Bangalore, India, Hanna Kroeger in Boulder Colorado, and Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan, Sri Krishna and Sri Prethaji at the O&O Academy in Chennai, India.

Today Janet teaches 12 professional levels of Energy Medicine as a professor of the College of International Holistic Studies.  Janet is a certified Hypnosis Instructor and has also created a Certificate Program in Regression, as well as in Mediumship and Channeling.


“Every day that I take people into altered states, past lives, early childhood, and the future convinces me more of life beyond death and the power of energy and the spiritual realm to help us heal.  I love to facilitate profound shifts in others and to teach other healers how to take their gifts to the next level.”  Janet Amare

Janet Amare 

Janet is a Pastoral Counseller, a reverend, an energy medicine healer, consulting hypnotist, and college teacher.  She developed and facilitates diploma-level programs in Energy Medicine and certifies hypnotists.  She is certified by the Ontario government to perform marriage, baptism, and funeral services. Janet is the author of Soul Purpose: A Practical Guide For Creating A Life You Love.  She has taken career planning to a new level where people create the work they love with inspiration and passion.  Her book has been featured on numerous television talk shows, and on radio and newspapers across Canada and in the U.S.

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Evelyne Bernhardt

Evelyne has an innate love of nature and connects with her love of the Earth in her creative use of crystals in her healing sessions. She assists people in re-connecting to the grounding of the Earth to allow them to manifest new ways of being, thinking, and feeling in their lives. She combines her talent in counseling and coaching with an intuitive ability to tune into the body and energy field to identify and release energy to create a greater flow of life force energy, leading to improved vitality, health, mental clarity, and emotional harmony.

"Energy Medicine Program - I'm entering my 12th year of Janet's Energy Medicine Program. I remember starting out with little confidence in my ability as a healer and have grown tremendously over the years. The Program covers so many necessary healing components that I can say that any client I meet now, I feel that I can competently deal with just about any healing issue at hand. Janet has a very patient, easy to understand and relevant approach in her teaching methods. This has been very important for me because we deal with some pretty esoteric topics. I strongly recommend Janet's Program for anyone who wants to become a Healer and really help others on a deep level."  JT



A 10 month, comprehensive course to teach you everything you need to know to start and run your own healing practice Now available online. Start any time, work at your own pace.

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One-On-One Consultations in Loretto and online.


One-On-One Consultations in Loretto and online.


Weekly online meditations and meditation CD available. 


By popular demand, we've designed a series of healing circles. By coming together with an intention for healing, group settings help us to see our blind spots and nurture collective growth.


Now offering Energy Medicine, Hypnosis, Reiki, and more online and in person.

Horses Healing Humans 

Horses healing humans, allows you to take a proactive approach to learning about yourself using the kind and sensitive nature of horses. A horses’ natural behavior makes them great teachers who easily reflect and draw out insights in humans. Participants can learn skills and gain insight in a light, fun, and open atmosphere. 


We are now offering a certificate course in Regression.  Download the pdf by clicking here. 

"Janet is a very skilled and amazing healer. She has the great ability to hone in on the real issue to your problem and help you in accordance with what is best for your higher self. I always feel safe and comfortable with her especially when dealing with very important healing issues. She has helped me and many members of my family with many issues related to health and many other healing requests. She's great at tying things together at the end of a session and leaving me feeling better and with a greater level of awareness. She is a big reason for my personal increased level of consciousness over the years. She's authentic, compassionate and has a genuine love for what she does and many of her clients that I know have a genuine love for her."  JT

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