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Soul Purpose:


A Practical Guide For Creating A Life You Love

At a time when job concerns are among the biggest issues for most North Americans, coach and healer Janet Amare helps you discover that you can create a job that’s much more than financially successful. You can create your Soul Purpose — the work you really love. Your Soul Purpose is not a doing thing, it’s a being thing. It’s about being the person you choose to be. Soul Purpose presents a time-tested pathway for identifying those things that will bring you fulfillment, as well as guidelines for clearing whatever is in the way. In each chapter, there are practical questions for self-examination and tools for transforming your beliefs and actions.

Soul Purpose:

The hard copy

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Soul Purpose:

The e-Book

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Soul Purpose:

"Life is our choice, and Soul Purpose: A Practical Guide for Creating a Life you Love is extremely instrumental as THE guide in mastering this life choice. This book has not only reaffirmed ForA Practical

Praise For Soul Purpose

         •         Everyone from young students to senior executives can find motivation, encouragement, and guidance to create their lives based on what they love to do.

         •         The six classic issues that take you away from or move you towards your purpose 

         •         Understanding the universal principles to guide you in creating a fulfilling, meaningful, successful and practical life

         •         Nine steps to analyzing your life experiences to identify and describe your Soul Purpose

Creating A Life You Love guidesGuideyouthrough: my



beliefs, but has deepened my knowledge of manifesting. Thanks to Janet Amare for providing us with a how-to manual on the ultimate in living a FULL life. I will encourage all my future employees to read this book."

Cynthia Lewis, Past President, TELUS Communications; Former International Executive, Xerox Corporation

"In fifteen years of coaching entrepreneurs and business leaders, this is the best material I’ve seen for uncovering your life’s work and 

"Finally, a book which not only helps you discover

Ross Gilchrist, Vice-President of Marketing and Business Development; Chief Coaching Officer, TWC Financial Corp.

making it happen."passion, but shows you how to attract those moments of joy every day of your life. 

I was blown away by its simplicity and effectiveness."

Linda Woods, Host of "Windows to Wellness" Radio Series, Nashville, TN




I recommend that you click the link below to access a visualization tool that will help you to create the life you love. When you click the link you will be taken to a web page with a video that will describe the tool. I highly recommend that you consider purchasing access to the tool.  The cost is $97 US.




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