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Bliss, Bless & Bake

 Meditation, Channeling, Readings and  Blessings
                                                                                  Wanna Have Spiritual Fun??!!

Connect with light-minded people (yes, light-minded). Evelyne Bernhardt will offer Oneness Blessings (Deeksha). A fun, entertaining, deeply moving, and nourishing evening, including live readings, guided meditation, and blessings. The blessings are a spiritual hit of Divine Grace purported to induce healing and significantly shift your brain's activity from the fright and flight center to your happy center.  Come and experience one for yourself!  We will be treated to fortune-telling readings from Evelyne Bernhardt, who channels a Russian Gypsy Fortune Teller who will shift your perspective on what's ahead. Tea and snacks provided.

Book an OnlineReading

Cost: $20 Please Bring a journal and a pen.

                                                                  Call ahead to reserve a personal reading or group event.


New Heal Yourself With Nature Meditation Evenings

Every MONDAY evening from 7:45-8:45PM




Please contact Evelyne Bernhardt to register for meditations at 289-889-0910.



Contact or 289-889-0910 to register.

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