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Janet Amare 

Whether you want change for yourself, for your family, or for a team at work, Janet Amare can help you to transform on the physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual levels.  She has been helping people to make spiritual connections for over thirty-six years using her well-developed intuitive, healing, and teaching skills.  


Janet is a Doctor of Natural Medicine and Doctor of Pastoral Counselling, a reverend, energy medicine healer, consulting hypnotist and college teacher.  She developed and facilitates diploma level programs in Energy Medicine and certifies hypnotists.  She is certified by the Ontario government to perform marriage, baptism and funeral services.


Janet’s approach brings success to her personal clients.  At one time or another, many people find themselves stuck – in an unhealthy lifestyle, struggling relationship, unhappy work situation or stressful family circumstance.  Janet works with them to remove the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual obstacles blocking forward progress.  The results manifest not only in the mind:  they appear tangibly, in the form of a new or rejuvenated relationship, revitalized health, or successful job search.   

And no matter what their situation before meeting Janet, 
afterwards these people describe their lives as transformed.  They say they are more conscious, more relaxed, more confident, more connected and more joyful.  They feel peaceful, freer and more resilient to life’s challenges.  They experience less internal conflict.  In short, Janet has helped them transform into happier and more successful human beings.
Janet is the author of Soul Purpose: A Practical Guide For Creating A Life You Love.  She has taken career planning to a new level where people create the work they love with inspiration and passion.  Her book has been featured on numerous television talk shows, and on radio and newspapers across Canada and in the U.S.

One of the ways that Janet seeks inspiration is in leading groups to swim with dolphins and whales in some of the world’s most beautiful places.  She has created unique personal growth eco-tours to swim with cetaceans in Hawaii, New Zealand, Bahamas, and Canada.  Participants regularly report that the trips are the “best week of their lives”.

Janet Amare is one of those rare people that does it all well.  Her clients report that she “never disappoints” and “always amazes with her clarity, insight, and powerful speaking”.  She facilitates groups with ease, counsels with wisdom, teaches with compassion and 
humor, and heals with an open heart.  Her own words sum it up completely, “I love people and can feel them deeply, often before they feel themselves.  This allows me to help them in ways they didn’t even know they could transform.  They walk away inspired by their own power and I get to watch it happen.  What could be more fulfilling than that?”


You can contact Janet at or call 416-802-0848

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